How To Choose The Right Earrings Based On The Shape Of Your Face

Earrings are the perfect accessories and must-haves for women. But do you get overwhelmed when choosing the right ones? One of the best ways to decide whether a pair of earrings suit you is to look at the shape of your face, and not simply what is in style.


30th July 2021


The correct way to do this is to pull your hair back, look into a mirror and trace the outlines of your face using a lipstick or soap. There are 6 main face shapes out there, and they are: inverted triangle, oval, round, heart, long, diamond and square.

For Inverted Triangle-Shaped Faces, Minimize Attention Away From The Wide Forehead

Triangle-shaped faces are characterised by a wide forehead that goes down to a narrow and pointy chin, and have more prominent angles than say, a heart-shaped face does. Celebrities such as Tyra Banks and Victoria Beckham are said to have this type of facial shape. Avoid earrings that attract attention to your wide forehead and go for those that are wider at the bottom to give the illusion of a wide jawline. Chandelier earrings, small teardrops and modest hoops are perfect for this face shape.

Oval-shaped Faces Are The Most Versatile Of All

Women with oval-faced shapes have high cheekbones and medium-width foreheads. Celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson, and Beyoncé have oval-shaped faces. Almost any types of earrings work well with this facial shape, so experiment away! To start, we suggest pearls, chandelier, and drop earrings, but the choices are limitless, really.

If You Have A Round-shaped Face, You May Want To De-emphasize The Roundedness

The trick is to give the illusion of a lengthened face shape, and not make your face look rounder. Avoid circle earrings, big hoops, button studs and drop earrings with a dangling round disc. Instead, go for drop or dangle earrings which will not only lengthen your face but make it look thinner. Think sleek and long build earrings.

Sweet And Small Earrings Are Perfect For Heart-shaped Faces!

People with heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead, strong cheekbones and a chin that tapers to a point. Think Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson. The key is to counterbalance your sharp chin: This is where sweet and small dangling earrings come in. Go for teardrops, and tiny, tight hoops. Chandelier earrings are a great option too. Stay away from triangular earrings.

Earrings for Diamond-shaped Faces

Diamond-shaped faces are lovely to look at as they feature strong cheekbones, and a narrower forehead and chin. For this face shape, opt for earrings that are wider, not longer. Think straight lines, and earrings with delicate drops.

Square-shaped Faces Can Be A Little More Challenging on Finding The Right Earrings

Square-shaped faces are characterized by sharp angles and wide forehead and jawline. Think Katie Holmes, Salma Hayek, and Gwyneth Paltrow. The trick here is to minimize those angles, deflect attention from the wide forehead and jawline and give your face a soft touch. Opt for hoop earrings and other rounded shapes. Dramatic shapes, teardrops and dangles also work well with this face shape. Avoid square earrings and studs as they may exaggerate the sharp angles even more.


If you’re like actresses Meryl Streep or Jodi Foster and have small, fine bone structure, opt for earrings that are thin, flat, fine and delicate to go with your gentle beauty. If your bone structure is medium, such as Madonna or Liz Hurley, choose medium weight earrings. Large bone structures, on the other hand – think Oprah Winfrey or Donatella Versace, for example! – work well with medium to large, heavy and chunky earrings. So, there you go! Our tips for choosing the best types of earrings depending on your face shape and structure.