How to Choose the Perfect Charm Bracelet

Have you been trying to find a signature accessory to wear with any outfit? Why not try a charm bracelet! A charm bracelet can be a great go-to piece if you choose the right one, and that’s where we come in. Keep reading to find out how to choose a charm bracelet that’s perfect for you, no matter what you prioritize in accessorizing!


1st August 2021

If you’re all about style, these suggestions may help! Simple geometric shapes never run out of style, and what could be more stylish than stars? Lucky Star Charm Bracelet is a beautifully delicate piece that adds playfulness into your outfit and its dangling stars will surely grab the attention of many. Another great option is the Bold Alphabet Letter Initial Charm Bracelet by Bullion Gold. It adds a great deal of elegance to your outfit with just a single letter. And, the best part is that it’s available in silver, gold and rose gold; no matter what your favourite color is, the Bold Alphabet Letter Initial Charm Bracelet is your best friend! If one simple charm feels too simple for you, you can experiment with layering. 

Sunshine Daisy Pendant Bracelet in Rose Gold Layered Steel Jewellery can give you the same simple aesthetic, but amplified, and it would go well with so many outfits; it’s straight out of cool-tone heaven! But, if you’re looking for brighter jewellery that makes a statement, you can go for the Infinity And Beyond Bracelet Embellished with Swarovski® crystals. It adds some color to your outfit while still maintaining a sleek, chic aesthetic. You can shop all these bracelets and more on our website and we promise you’ll never run out of style!

Sometimes, a good piece of jewellery is one that tells a story; a great piece of jewellery though, tells many. If you cherish memorable people and experiences, you may want to start building your own charm bracelet! You’ll first need a foundation to build on, and we think the Pandora Inspired Barrel Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet by 925 Sterling Silver would be a great fit. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to finding the right charms, but we’ve picked out some of our favorites to show you. The Pinky Promise Pandora Inspired Charm by 925 Sterling Silver is a beautiful charm to remind you of your family and friends, and take them with you everywhere you go. 

It’s also a great charm to gift a loved one to add into their charm bracelet because of how heartfelt it is! If you’re a nature lover, you’re going to love the Silver Bird In A Heart Charm by 925 Sterling Silver. The pop of green will instantly take you to your own private jungle everytime you look at it. A customizing classic that’s loved by many is zodiac signs. It reminds us of who we are and what we stand for, which never fails to empower us. We’re going for the Leo Star Sign Charm by Pandora, but you can add your sign to make it your own.

Our final pick is a charm that reminds us of our favorite season: summer! The Pineapple Fruit Pandora Inspired Charm transports us to the beach with its bright colours and tropical vibes. However, it doesn’t always have to be just about memories. You can also add charms that are more style-focused, which is what makes this type of charm bracelets even more exciting and versatile.


Multicolour Cosmic Charm

Style-up your bracelet by adding colours, shapes or even matching charms to compliment the rest. For example: the Multicolour Cosmic Charm by 925 Sterling Silver works beautifully with the Silver Bird In A Heart Charm. With some creative arranging, your bracelet will not only be gorgeous, but also one of a kind! Whether you prioritise style or memories, a charm bracelet is the perfect item to fit into your out-and-about routine!