Yellow Gold is The New Classic

When shopping for jewellery, it’s important to have a strategic approach. Instead of buying a piece because it’s pretty, then getting frustrated that it’s not blending with your other pieces. Here are some tips to keep in the back of your mind to make sure you always buy the right jewellery!

1st October 2021



Chains have been dominating the scene for the past 2 years now, and it seems like they’ll be sticking around for even longer! We see them in different jewellery pieces, different sizes and even colours. But let’s be real. Is anything better than a gold chain? We think NOT! One of our favourite chain necklaces has to be the Roxanne Oval Link Paperclip Chain Gold Titanium Necklace by BULLION GOLD

It’s the perfect length, which makes it compatible with almost every neckline. Plus, the paperclip chain is so hot right now! If you’re into thinner, more dressy chains, then you may like the Medusa Weave Link Gold Titanium Chain Slider Necklace by BULLION GOLD better. The sophisticated weave will give you a more polished look, making it perfect for both comfy sets and dresses! 

If necklaces aren’t your thing, why not consider chain earrings? BULLION GOLD’s Bianca Fancy Clip Link Chain Gold Titanium Drop Earrings will do a fantastic job at framing your face and pulling your look together. You could even pair those with one of the chain necklaces for the ultimate bold look. We love chains because they are perfect for dressing up casual and dressy outfits. Having a chain piece laying around is always a good


Apart from wanting to be on trend, it’s important to have timeless pieces that are always in style. Those could be the simple pieces you can wear on a day-to-day basis that really complete your outfit. A must-have item that we always recommend is - yes, you guessed it, the initial necklace! It really is the most iconic staple and wildcard. However, we decided to have a little twist on it. Instead of having the basic letter pendant, the Bold Alphabet Letter Initial Charm Necklace in Gold Tone by BULLION GOLD incorporates the letter inside the necklace. This gives it a more interesting design that allows you to stand out more while staying classic. 

Whenever we talk about timeless pieces, hoop earrings are always part of the conversation. They are incredibly versatile and really do suit everyone. If you’re a go-big-or-go-home type of person, then the Fem Hammered Hoop Earrings 50mm by BULLION GOLD was made for you. Add these hoops to your outfit for instant pizzazz with almost no effort! If you’re more into the medium sized hoops trend, we’ve also got an option for you with a twist.

Adding a dangling pendant into the hoop gives it more personality, and you can always remove it for days where you want to be more subtle. 925 Signature Silver’s Solid 925 Sterling Silver Egyptian Eagle Hoop Earrings in Gold Vermeil is our personal favourite because the eagle is a unique pendant to own, and we love special pieces! Whether you like a big or small hoop, make sure you have one in yellow gold!


Last but not least, the jewellery scene is now all about layering. Layering can be done using multiple necklaces or bracelets, usually of a similar colour, in different lengths or pendants. For example: the Multilayer 4 Piece Funky and Trendy White Resin Layering Gold Necklace by Obsession is primarily gold, but it mixes in a pearl choker to add depth to the look. This goes great with jeans and a shirt, especially if you want to change an outfit from day to night. It works best with round necklines, turtlenecks and A-line necklines. If you’re planning on wearing a V-neck or a plunge top, then we’d recommend Bullion Gold's Flower pattern key & lock in Rose Gold Layered Steel Jewellery.This elegantly thin set will highlight your top without stealing away the spotlight!

For those of you who are team bracelets, we still got you! Clover Bangle Black Embellished with Swarovski® crystals by Krystal Couture is definitely on our list because of how beautifully these shapes fit together. Also, the difference in sizes attracts the eye’s attention and creates excitement. 

We also think despite the bracelets going well together, they can definitely be worn separately too! An example of that can be wearing just one or two of the bracelets around your watch to make your look more playful. Sets like these really allow you to explore your creativity. And the best part? Both sets come with MATCHING EARRINGS! We know you love a good value for money and so do we. And there you have it, some of the most beautiful trendy pieces in glistening yellow gold. You can also find tons of other yellow gold jewellery on our website, if you want to explore more shapes and styles. Happy shopping!