How to Mix Your Jewellery and Find the Perfect Match

When shopping for jewellery, it’s important to have a strategic approach. Instead of buying a piece because it’s pretty, then getting frustrated that it’s not blending with your other pieces. Here are some tips to keep in the back of your mind to make sure you always buy the right jewellery!

1st October 2021



The first advice is to find staple pieces for your go-to look. There are multiple ways to go about it, but usually it’s something relatively simple that you can wear anywhere and almost everyday. For example, the Pretty & Petite Zircon Drop Earrings in Gold Vermeil by 925 Signature Silver can add a nice touch to the outfit while still being simple, and we can think of hundreds of outfits it would go well with! Of course, if you’re a silver person, then 925 Sterling Silver’s Classic Drop Earrings could do just as good of a job. 


Since the earrings are simple, you can match them with bracelets and necklaces too. A simple everyday staple that almost everybody loves is an initial necklace. The Sterling Silver Initial Alphabet Letter Necklace - B by 925 Signature Silver does it all, from running errands to date night. It’s a great wildcard to have in your collection. Also, a staple is usually simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Adding a simple but unusual, piece to your staple look can be a great conversation starter. The Celtic Knot Necklace Embellished with Swarovski® crystals is a whimsical option that’s guaranteed to not go unnoticed!

With bracelets, you can add just a little twist to make it yours, and we decided to go with sparkle. The Created Diamonds Pull Tie Tennis Bracelet by 925 Signature Silver was definitely on our list because let’s be honest, how can things go wrong with a tennis bracelet? That would go so well with the silver earrings above or even the necklaces! And if you can’t decide which colour to get, a set like the Boxed Bracelet Set Embellished with Swarovski® crystals by Krystal Couture comes in handy. It gives you the freedom to experiment with both colours without breaking the bank. You can even pair them with your watch to add an extra pop to it.

After you’ve established the zone, you can then build upon it. Understanding whether you prefer silver, gold or rose gold, personal pieces or conversation starters etc. For example, if you enjoy personalised items, you can expand your necklace collection from just your initial to zodiac sign or birth year. You’d have a clearer idea of what to look for when you’re out shopping!


Our second advice to you is to balance out your pieces. If you want to go for a statement necklace, then you should tone the earrings down, and vice versa. This will stop the outfit from being over the top, as different pieces could clash and end in an unfavourable effect.

If you want the focus to be on the necklace, then you can go for smaller earrings. For example, Obsession’s Multilayer 4 Piece Funky and Trendy White Resin Layering Gold Necklace would make a fantastic centrepiece. Layering is very 2021, and it gives you a bold effect without stealing all the attention away from the rest of the outfit. You could then add the simplest possible earring just to make the look seem put together. A simple stud, like the Round Brilliant Cut Stud Earrings by 925 Signature Silver, would be just enough for the job.

If you’re all about the ears, then we think the Tierra Zircon Gold Stud Earrings is a great piece for you. Since it’s dual-toned, it works for both silver and gold, making it even more wearable. When pairing a piece like this, you should really keep it simple so that this becomes the centre of attention. And, another tip is to mix and match across collections too. So, you could pair it with some of your ‘staple’ collections, like the bangles mentioned above. This can help you save some extra cash to invest in more pieces to play around with!


When it comes to adding colour to your outfits through jewellery, there are multiple ways to do it. The first method is adding very subtle colour, and this allows you to stack different pieces and have a little more room to play. The Emerald Green Crystal Drop Earrings by 925 Signature Silver, for example, can add just a hint of colour, which can be sufficient and beautiful on its own.

But, you have the option of spicing it up by adding a necklace or bracelet, like the Unicorn With Blue Crystal And Rainbow Pendants Necklace Embellished With Swarovski® Crystals. Together, they can take your look from simple to striking. 

The second method would be going straight to bold with one piece, which makes it easier to shop since you don’t need to match it with anything! It could be bold in size, shape or colour. Since big earrings are super in right now, we think the Obsession’s Tortoiseshell Leopard Print Drop Earrings in Green would be a great example of a bold, easy to wear piece! 


Our last advice to you would be to discover yourself through jewellery. Experiment with styles, colours and sizes. Get to know yourself to understand what you feel most comfortable and confident in. And in no time, people will be pointing at your style, saying “oh, that’s so them”. We hope these tips help you on your journey with jewellery. Happy shopping!